Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Birthday

My most recent birthday was about 2 weeks ago.  After much wrestling with my thoughts and mourning my car I am now able to write about my birthday. 

Why wrestle with my thoughts, you ask?  (Go ahead and ask it.  I'll wait.) 

Because - I tell you - my darling friend Julia said to me the other day, "Man!  You're on the downhill slope to 30."  Holy crap.  I am.  She told me that on my birthday - November 26th.  (This year was my "golden" birthday - 26 on the 26th.  Julia is a mere 25.)  Since she said that, I haven't been able to get her comment out of my head. 

In fact, I've been thinking about that statement so much that #1 I'm blogging about it for all of the world wide web to see and #2 it got me to thinking - not only am I on the downhill slope to 30, but I'm also on the downhill slope to 40.  And 50. 

And I'm ALMOST on the downhill slope to 60. 

I'm basically 60. 

I don't want to die yet.  There's a lot that I want to do.  I want to skydive.  I don't care if you think it's crazy or if you think it's just something that people are required to throw on their bucket lists even if they don't really have an outstanding desire to do it.  I really want to.  I want to go to Australia.  (I picked Australia years ago because I didn't want to have to learn another language.  Now I know that lots of places have English as an official language or at least their second language, but I still had sense to know to pick somewhere that I could communicate.  Also, Australia has Aborigines.  And kangaroos.)  I want to visit this place.  And this one.  I have never been snow skiing.  I would like to do that.  I want to go to an NFL game.  I want to live somewhere other than Kansas.  I want to learn how to speak Spanish or maybe Chinese.  I want to learn to make things.  Like crochet.  I am finally making a hat and sort of making a scarf.  I want to volunteer.  I want to recycle. I want to run for an office of some sort.  (And then I want to WIN.) I want to play tricks on my little girl.  MAYBE even take her to the haunted houses or on roller coasters!  I want to watch some puppies being born.  I want to go hunting with my husband (and actually shoot something - DON'T tell him I said that). 

I'm not ready to be 60.  That's older than my parents. 

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