Monday, October 3, 2011

"I'm breaking out like I'm in the eighth grade"

One thing about being pregnant is suddenly your hormones change.  We all know that.  But what people don't know is what a toll it takes on everything about you. 

Your emotions run haywire. 

Along with the emotions, you get this stuff that you haven't seen in like, 6 years called acne.  You may be asking me to remind you again what acne is.  WELL, acne is what happened to me that one time I was up for homecoming queen that made me bribe my yearbook-editor-BFF into photoshopping my face for the homecoming page in the yearbook. 

Post-partum it's still nasty stuff. 

But I said to myself, "Boy, if only someone gave away a $50 gift card to I could buy myself some nice Olay Prefessional ProX Clear Line facial cleanser."  Luckily for me, a lovely lady that I follow is giving away just that - a $50 gift card to!! 

*To be entered to win, all I had to do was blog about her giveaway.  Many apologies for such a boring post.  I promise I'll do better next time. 

Here's my little note to you, Kayla Aimee, just in case you peruse through your comments and say to yourself, "Hey!  I'm going to check out that blog right there!" and you click on my little link. 

Dear KA,

I would really like to win this gift card.  I signed up for swagbucks today using your link so that you could win extra buckeroos on my dime.  If you could go ahead and pick my name as the winner, that would be just fantastic.  I am also reminded of that time that you shaved one leg because Scarlette was ready for a change of scenery from her bouncy chair.  Yeah, that happens to me every day.  If I MUST go through life with only one shaved leg (I always start the right and never get to the left...) then at least I gotta have a cute face. 


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