Wednesday, October 12, 2011

These are pictures from our family picture day a few weeks ago.  (I tried to upload more pictures of my husband and I with G, but let's just say the computer and I are not agreeing right now.) 

I made these blocks!  Gracie was born December 24th and around the first week of February I had the great idea that I would make her blocks for Valentine's Day.  I am still working on them.  They're pretty much done, but an occasional side needs a little polyurethane. 

Gracie was also a model for a photographer friend that we know, Jessica Orton.  I decided to go ahead and buy the CD from Jessica, so I'll add a few pictures eventually of that photo session. 

On another topic, WHY do baby outfits have to be so awkward to put on!??!  Gracie has one sleeper where - litterally - the zipper only goes down to mid-thigh.  How am I supposed to be able to drag out one foot while the other is stretching out the other side of the fabric, I have kicking child who is trying to roll over, and then I just realized I have no diapers in the drawer!?! 


In other highlights from my life recently, my sister came to stay with me part of last week while my hubs was at a "Top Gun" training (which, ironically has NOTHING to do with guns). 

Here was the jist of the conversation: 

April:  When I used to live in Virginia, I would drive by an alpaca farm every day to work.  So one day that got me thinking, how much does an alpaca cost? 
Me:  Yeah...
April:  So when I got to work that day, I was looking up alpacas on my computer. 
Me:  Yeah...
April:  And then my coworker Nan came over and asked what I was doing.  And I told her, 'Looking up how much an alpaca costs.'
Me:  *laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes*
April:  And she said that alpaca wool was a hot commodity.  And our plan was to make our own alpaca yarn and knit dog hats. 
Me:  *laughing so hard I fall off my chair*
April:  The kids would love those. 
Me:  *laughing and kicking the floor*
April:  Why are you laughing?  That was our plan in case we got laid off. 
Me:  *shows her this picture of dog hat off of etsy*
April:  Oh, someone already makes dog hats? 

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