Monday, August 8, 2011

Yahoo! Answers

I'm not messing around with my Yahoo! Answers.  On my down time at work I do Yahoo! Answers.  I answer all types of questions, but mostly pregnancy and newborn questions. 

I was pregnant with my close friend at work.  Well, for about 7 months we were pregnant together.  Until we gave birth.  On the same day.  AT THE SAME HOSPITAL.  I KNOW.  She had her baby at 33 weeks.  Mine was born at 38 weeks. 

We both did Yahoo! Answers at work.  We would think of things that we wondered about, then we would look them up on Yahoo! Answers or ask them ourselves...Or so I thought we would. 

She just recently said to me, "Well, but you actually ask and answer on Yahoo! Answers, don't you?"  Uhhmm...yes.  So do you don't you?  Nope.  I'm all alone in my Yahoo! Answers endeavors. 

Seriously - I'm a TOP CONTRIBUTOR.  I didn't think I was the only top contributor either who worked at my place of employment!  No, apparently I am the only one.  I felt so alone.  Like, I've been played this whole time.  Played by my friend.  I'm totally hurt.  This whole time, I've been such a fool.  I thought everyone was Yahoo! Answersing. 


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