Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventures with the vacuum

We've been working on our back "mud" room.  It's a hot mess right now.  We started in October.  No lie. 

It's now July August and we've torn down the old walls, replaced the insulation, the walls themselves, taped, mudded, and sanded.  The ceiling is also done - we did a "knock down" ceiling in there.  (I just painted it tonight.)  They're awesome!  And so easy! 

While we were sanding the other day, I was wearing a mask - you know, the ones like the surgeons wear.  They've got the little elastic bands that go over your years.  Well, while we were sanding we had out shop vac going in there thinking that it would help filter some of the air.  (It was sooooo dusty.)  I was using the electric sander (nifty little gadget) and my husband was across the room.  Well, I'd just sanded one wall like crazy and was breathing in some particularly nasty air.  I decided to pick up the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the air around my mouth.  (I know.)  The darn vacuum got a hold of my mask and I couldn't pull the vacuum away without ripping my mask.  I had ALSO failed to turn off the nifty little sander before I decided to vacuum the air

So there I was, both my hands full with a sander (on) and a vacuum (on and suctioned on to my elastic face mask).  I couldn't put down either electronic device.  Thank goodness that my dear husband walked over at that time.  The look on his face was priceless.  I couldn't see it because he was wearing a mask, too but I'm sure it was priceless. 

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