Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's a scene from Tommy Boy

A couple of days ago, I was leaving work.  As I walked outside to my car, I  noticed a giant wasp thing trying to attack my white car.  Thinking I was bigger than the giant wasp, I went ahead and walked toward my car.  I had a purse, lunch pail, and a few other items that I had deemed necessary to take home in my hands.  I got to my car.  Silly me, I forgot that my key fab battery is way dead right now.  I had to spend precious moments unlocking my car rather than just pushing the button to unlock it.  Because I still haven't bought a new battery.  It's been like, a month.  Still.  Haven't.  The wasp keeps flying closer.  So, like anyone else would do, I start flinging my lunch pail around.  I'm shooing the wasp away.  I hit myself in the head a couple of times, but I'm shooing.  And it works!  I buy myself enough time to unlock my door.  Manually.  Still. 

I get in my car, and one at a time (working around a steering wheel here, folks) get my necessary items into my car.  I shut my door. 

There's a giant wasp in my car.  Preparing to attack. 

Well, because I am so coordinated and graceful, I escaped unscathed.  But let's just say, you're probably sorry you didn't have a video camera set up and pointed at my car at the time. 

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