Friday, August 26, 2011

"Honey, I won!!"

My husband, bless his heart, got a call on his phone the other day.  I was closer to his phone, so I picked it up, looked at the number, and handed him the phone.  It was a number I didn't recognize, which I told him (and I recognize lots of numbers, working at our local police department, you know) and he proceeded to answer it.  I heard:

"Hello?  ...  Yes ... Oh? ... OH REALLY?? ... Ok! ... Thank you! ... Mmhm ... Buh-bye."

Then he proceeded to tell me about how he had signed up for a drawing at our local "cowboy" store, Bluestem.  (They have TONS of stuff - from gardening and outdoors to big farming equipment and ranching items.  Clothes, tools, dogfood, candles, decorations, paint, electrical, and a popcorn stand with some stiff black coffee for us women to pass the time while our men are wandering around in their little piece of heaven.)  The phone call was Bluestem calling to tell him that he had won the drawing!

I asked him what he had won.  He couldn't remember what he signed up for.  I said, "Well it must be something cool because if it wasn't you wouldn't have put your name in."  Then I started suggesting things; a chainsaw, gardening hose, gift certificate, lawn makeover, new appliance, new shirt, screwdriver, ATV, shed...the possibilities were endless.  He just couldn't remember what he had entered himself to win.

So, he went ahead and took off for Bluestem.  He said, "I better take the truck just in case it's something big that I have to haul back home."  So I moved the car so that he could the pull the truck out.

Soon, he came back home.  I heard him open the door under the carport, so I headed out to see what his prize was.  (I was so excited.)  Then he said to me, "Honey!  Look at what I won!"  I was headed out to the truck to see.  I walked right past him.  There was nothing in the truck.

He threw a keychain at me.

... !!! ...

He took his truck to pick up his keychain. 

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