Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

  • There is something big happening in my life.  I promise I will share eventually, but I kind of like to stew on things myself, and then share them in my own time.  I'll get there, I'm just not there yet.  
  • I counted up the words that Gracie can sign today.  It's 10.  I'll try to list them.  Milk, more, please, eat, baby, banana, water, book, cracker, and I saw her sign "drink" for the first time today.  That girl is so stinkin' smart.  
  • She can SAY mama, dad, hi, dog, cat, car, cow, baby, and if you count "ball" (she says "dall").   
  • I'm starting to hate politics more and more.  I got really into the debates and the election back in 2008, but I just hate that no matter what, I'm not going get what I want.  I'm not even sure what I want exactly.  I WILL say though, that I hate the disputes.  I don't mean debates, I mean the nasty disputes between people.  Neither side is going to change their mind.  Why keep fighting?  
  • I am really frustrated that people think they can make decisions in me and Jacob's life.  I'm sorry if this is pushy, but the fact is that there is not a leash on either of us and we are free to make decisions on our own.  That's something that you are going to have to come to terms with.  Not me. 

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  1. So I haven't checked your blog in awhile. I'm getting ready to make some cake mix cookies and I remembered you had the recipe on your blog. Anyway, I get on and the first thing I see is "There is something big happening in my life." Hmmmmm...