Sunday, January 8, 2012

Surprise Baby Shower

I haven't been able to say anything but I've been keeping a secret.  I WAS THROWING A BABY SHOWER!!  Haha.  It was so fun, and really one of the greatest surprises I've ever pulled off.

My good friend Kristen is pregnant with her third baby.  Her third BOY.  Man, is she going to be busy.  She is originally from about an hour away, which is where all of her family and friends are from also.  Of course, she does have some here, but generally, all of her friends live back home.

She is seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.  Never has a mean word to say about anyone.  She SO was not expecting a shower for #3.  (They are keeping the name a secret until he's here.)

Oh yeah.  I totally got her.  There were probably around 15 of her closest friends and family from back home who made the trek up here for her shower.  I had the shower in my detached, way far away from my house, 2-car garage.  I told her that I wanted to borrow her 2 boys for an activity that I had planned, and that it would be a nice little afternoon that she could run errands, take a nap (you know what pregnancy does to you), or just whatever she needed.

When she came, I had her oldest boy, Landon, lead her around the house and knock on the garage door.  When it opened, all of her family and her close friends were sitting there!  She was shocked!  She started crying and screaming.  It was perfect.

The first game called Mommy ESP, (a good, cheap, easy game where mommy lists the first 10 things she can think of and everyone else tries to guess the 10 things.  The closest wins.) The next game was "Guess the Celebrity Baby Picture". 

The last "real" game we played was called "Piggy Bank I"ve Never".  You know the drinking game I've Never?  Yeah, me either.  ;)  Well, for this one, everyone started out with 10 coins.  Then I read off 12 statements, all starting with "I've never".  They were pretty innocent statements - things like "I've never ran a red light" or "I've never laughed so hard I've peed my pants".  Such a funny game.  It was absolutely hilarious.  Kristen's Grandma had to move her seat up closer to the piggy.  I guess after so many years of life you have to commit a few sins just to keep your spunk.  Haha. 

Now the last "unofficial" game we played was Gift-Opening Bingo.  I attached numbers to the gifts, had blank BINGO cards for everyone, and had them fill it in with numbers 1-27 (because that's how many gifts there were).  As Kristen opened the gifts, she would announce the number.  Then whoever made the BINGO won the prize. 

For prizes, I gave out some $5 gift cards that I got for free from my swagbucks account.  I also did a little bag of popcorn with a $5 Redbox gift certificate.  I made some sugar scrub.  I made some cards WITH envelopes from extra scrapbook stuff I had.  I think I made about 6 or 7 for the game winner and 6 or 7 for Kristen.  For the favors, I made these chocolate covered spoons with marshmallows and peppermints.  I even put them all in their own little separate bags and tied them up for everyone.  Unfortunately, I forgot to set them out before people left. 

In regards to food, I had a little help.  Kristen's sister, Nicole helped me with planning and some veggie cups, and then another friend of mine made some frosting and mints for the awesome CUPCAKE BAR!  We also had wraps, and in lieu of punch I decided to go with hot chocolate.  Funny story, I had actually taken all my coffee stuff out to the garage to make coffee at some point during the shower.  I made the hot chocolate in my house and put it in a crock pot to transport out there.  Unfortunately, I had already taken my sugar out to the garage...and after I got out there I just forgot to put it in the hot chocolate.  And it wasn't really that bad.  Granted, it already had lots of sugar in it from the semi-sweet chocolate chips and the whipped cream

Mark "throw someone a surprise shower" off my bucket list!!  I did it!  Successfully!

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