Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Gracie

Dear Gracie,

There are some things that I want to say to you before you get too terribly old.  You are honestly the most amazing thing in my life.  I cannot believe how big you are.  I cannot believe how much you know.

A few things that I love about you -

How you just can't stand to sit and watch someone make you a bottle.  People need to understand that you've got a CRAVING to deal with!  You need that formula like stink on a pig.

Your baby sign language.  You're starting to figure out "please".  All I have to do is put your hand close to your chest and you'll kind of finish it yourself.  Your favorite sign though, is "more".  All you do is put your hands together, (which is close, but not QUITE right) and you use that in between bites of food all the time.  Finally, for "milk" (which you USED to sign with gusto) you just scream.  I blame that on Daddy.  All you do is cry and he's all "Okay!"  This is why God gave him a girl.  :)

When I squeal you squeal right back at me.  It's the cutest darn thing.  And when Daddy growls you growl back at him.

You wave at yourself in the mirror.  It's so cute.  You should see it.  Well, I guess you do see it, but you should see it when you'll be able to remember how CUTE it is.

Your doggies.  I'm telling you what, they love you so darn much.  Well, Shelby definitely does.  Oakley has his days.  And if he's doing something like eating, playing, sleeping, laying down, breathing, and so on, you just can't interrupt him with "baby time".  But on occasion he loves playing with you.  It's funny that you can crawl all over a 70-pound German Shepherd and she's all "Baby!  I love babies!  Let's play!  You wanna pull my ears?!  You wanna eat my tail?!  Okay!  I love babies!"  She gets that from Daddy.

Me on the other hand...I'm a sucker for those quiet times.  When Daddy goes to get you out of your crib and brings you into bed with us and we all just lay around and goo goo and pull each other's hair and hide in our "tent" (as Daddy calls it).  You make mornings so much better.  And after breakfast when I cozy up on the couch with my little 2-foot tall mini me, just chillin' in our jammies, reading Happy Baby Look, Feel, and Say Bunny and Friends among other of your favorites.  You love the shininess of the Green Eggs and Ham book but if I try to read it to you you just close it after about 4 pages because it's just too long for a 10-month-old to read in one sitting.  It's okay with me, because I like it when you growl like the tiger and "phffffff" like the elephant in the other book anyway. 

Books?  They're your favorite.  Used to be your sock monkey (which you still love), then suddenly you just couldn't keep your teeth off of the Baby's First Words book...which isn't really all that chewy but...if that's what you like, hey, whatever lady. 

You amaze me daily.  Your smile is so beautiful and your eyes...everyone comments on how blue they are.  And it's true.  They're not just saying that.  You have an attitude and a mind of your own and feel the need to be the center of attention... but we're working on that.  :)  You must get your attitude from your Daddy because I KNOW you don't get it from me.  :|  And while both your Mommy and Daddy have blue eyes, you definitely get your shade of blue from that Daddy of yours.  They match his eyes perfectly.  And that's not a joke.
I love you sweet pea,

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