Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

I read a few blogs who do this, so I'm going to give it a shot.  We'll see if I think it's fun.  Here's how it goes:  every so often you just share 5 little funny, quirky, or thought-provoking facts of your life.  So here we go...

1.  I have a degree.  I graduated with an Associate of Arts in Music from Cowley College and also a Bachelor of Music Education from Emporia State University.  ESU was ranked 3rd in the nation for teacher's colleges in...I believe 2007.  First and second were some crap colleges from South Carolina and Iowa or something. 

2.  My sister and I used to have fist fights.  We were NOT besties.  Naturally, I would kick her tail every time she tried to pick on me (she was always the instigator - I'm a lover, not a fighter).  Now we are best friends.  She lived in Virginia for a long time, but now she's back in Kansas (well, technically Missouri, but she's pretty much in Kansas).  I am so blessed to have her back. 

3.  Speaking of being blessed I am a Christian.  I love me some Jesus.  I grew up going to the Church of Christ, but wasn't ever saved/baptized until 2006, when I was 20.  I've known about the father, son, and holy ghost my whole life, but always said I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was getting into before I dedicated my life to Him. 

4.  I use the top row of the keyboard to type numbers.  This is the nature of my job.  We type a lot of numbers, but if you use the keypad then the system we use goes all crazy and starts screaming jibberish at you and then you fall behind.  And in my job, falling behind can be very very bad.  Like, it could even cost lives in certain situations.  So I just submit to the crazy computer system and type with the top row of numbers.  How's that for being cooperative? 

5.  I've remembered to set out the trash for 2 weeks in a row.  Because usually I forget. 

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